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New User trying out - reoccurring problem

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I have a small jewelry business


I have been trying Express invoice for about 2 weeks now

When i installed it i checked the under 5 staff option (Its just me really) and it was my understand that the software will run freely.

The Software did run freely and perfectly for a while until all of a sudden it entered a "Demo" mode and a lot important features became restricted

and by important i mean basic features like "create a new invoice"


I have only made 5 invoices and entered 2 clients into the data base.

Is this a known problem with a fix? i did not find anything searching..

I would like to think that this is not an aggressive marketing method but a software glitch..


Any help greatly appreciated!



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Hi Lior. Even the free version is meant to start off with full features and then implement the restrictions after the trial period is up. But the inability to "create a new invoice" is a concern - that should not be a restriction. I will follow-up with our internal team, but in the meantime you really should log an official support request here. Just in case you installed the paid trial version by mistake - here is the link to the free version.

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