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You don't say what version of VP you are using but the overlay track may not be immediately visible.


On opening version 3.12 (all 3.xxx versions) you see at the start just Video Track 1 with Audio Track 1 below it.

Although not labelled at this point, above Video Track 1 is a grey zone which is the Overlay track zone. Into this you can place (drag and drop if you wish) numerous clips each one becoming a further Video track in its own right with another Overlay track above it. When you do this the track will be labelled Video track 2, Video Track 3 etc. All these are overlay tracks.

The correspoding soundtracks will be inserted below Audio Track 1 and will become Audio Track 2, Audio Track 3 etc.


Obviously there is limited space in the window to show full height thumbnails if there are several tracks so you can either scroll them up/down with the scroll bar at the extreme right or collapse the tracks with the right hand control of the three buttons at the extreme left of the track in question. This makes them narrower since the thumbnails are supressed.


Any clip placed on an overlay track will take precedence over any clips on the lower tracks that are directly below it. In a way it hides everything underneath. You have to think as if you are viewing all the clips from above. However you have control over the overlay clip's size, position as well as its' opacity, and each track will be individually affected by any video effects you want to add.


In version 2.41 the overlay track is labelled as such from the start and is found underneath the single Video Track.



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I believe that the versions 3.xxx are designed so that the overlay tracks become labled only if you use them. This helps to keep the timeline uncluttered. If you keep in mind that that's where they are, you'll be fine. It's does show (as the grey line) when you open Videopad. I doubt it can be 'pre'-labled them, unless you are a software code wizard.

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