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HLS streaming to smartphone ie. iphone and android


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Hello there I really like the simplicity of broadcam I would suit me needs great if and would defo buy but I have the following issue. Streaming HLS work great. But when I goto the stream link/scc=1 etc then a player is displayed on the smartphone. Clicking play button prodcuces a small gray rectangular box - it is streaming but cannot view video (audio is fine). To see the video I have to expand the player and click on full screen then opens a full screen and able to play. Now this just looks ugly. I would prefer that the video autoplayed when I goto stream linke. If this is not possible then have the ability to just to have a a big play button on player that opens the video into fullscreen. At the moment it is too akward to use for my need, I'll be honest am not a programmer (am on the network side of IT) but is it possible to modify this player. For the life of me I cant see a way of doing it. Is it hardcoded somewhere? Will NCH offer any imput please and make the modifctions required because I think if these issues are sorted and support is seen to be there then more people will buy the software for sure, many thanks Rich

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