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'Sent' invoices not showing in yahoo, but they do in gmail.


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I am using Express Invoice v 3.90 (free) for our small business. Seems ideal in most respects but have just one question (at the moment!)


Yesterday, I set EI up so that the invoices would be sent from our yahoo.com business email address. When I email the invoice from Express Invoice it does not show in the sent items in our yahoo account. As a test I then set it up so the invoice came from my own personal gmail account and hey presto, it shows in my gmail sent items. Is this a glitch with yahoo does anyone know, or is there some sort of workaround?


At the moment I am sending the email to the customer and to the yahoo account so it does at least go into our inbox, but this is a bit of a pain.


Many thanks,


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Guest N_C_H_Rob

Hi Megan,


I apologize for the trouble. Assuming your emails are sending from Express Invoice properly and reaching their intended destinations (it sounds like they are), then I believe this is an issue on Yahoo's side.


A few things to try:

1. There may be a setting in Yahoo's email that you can change that will allow it to retain sent emails in the way you're looking for. I would try telling their support that you are using SMTP to send emails from a 3rd party client, and they send OK, but they don't appear in your Sent Mail box, and see if they have any ideas.


2. Kind of a workaround, but you can probably create a rule in your Yahoo Inbox to move the emails to your Sent Items folder where you actually want them.

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I have a similar problem . Just bought Express Invoice and went through the set up. The invoice printed out correctly so I tried emailing an Invoice to myself . No go. Finally I put " :25 " afler mail.bigpond.com in the Email Settings "SMTP mail host " and it sent . I received the email with Invoice attached .


The only problem I have is that the Sent Email does not appear in Sent Items . I am using Windows Vista Home Premium . Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem?


Thank you.,


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-Very good morning I have the license Express Accounts. and I can not send e-mail tells me (Express Accounts is blocked due to an anomalous exception) when I try to send ...

I can not save in PDF format


-Muy buenos días tengo la licencia de Express Accounts. y no puedo enviar e-mail me dice que (Express Accounts se bloque debido a una excepción anómala) cuando intento enviar...

tampoco puedo guardar en formato PDF

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