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Any way to edit "deadline" column?

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Does anyone know if there's anyway I can edit the deadline column in either the free or Pro version of Express Scribe?


I'd love to simplify my life and be able to just sort all my typing jobs according to deadline but I just can't seem to find ANYTHING :blink:


Thanks (in hopeful anticipation).



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The fact that the client, priority, and deadline columns are useless bugs me to no end, but here's a workaround if you don't normally use the Notes column: type the deadline in the notes column and then sort that way! You can even put your deadline on the first line of the notes and then write your other notes below. I type the notes in the following format:


Month/Day/Year 00:00 Client Name


This sorts them in order of priority by not only date but also time due on the same day. I use a 24 hour clock to make sure that 8:00 a.m. doesn't get sorted as 8:00 p.m.


(If you're tired of staring at the useless columns, right click on the header columns. They will pop up with the displayed columns showing a checkmark next to them. Click on each colum that you DON'T want to use. I just display name, duration, and the notes.)



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Wow - I went to like this and it says I have reached my quote of positive votes for the day - apparently the quota is 0 because this is the first I have tried to like!


Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I actually edit my file name with "Due by .... then leave the filename in". But I absolutely agree that having 'features' that don't work is worse than not having those 'features' at all. I am presuming that the due by can be set at the time of dictation???? But that is totally a guess. It would be a very handy feature for me to have. I have 5 different clients (who all name their files differently and have different lead times) and this would be such a useful feature if it actually worked.


NCH - are you listening?????

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