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trying to wipe out all records to start again


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i want to start again ... i played around in the free trial with bogus records and have now purchased the product. i cant remove all the records so i can start from scratch.


i have deleted information out of items, and inventory ... but it still sits within receive history and sales history ...


how do i clear the program out to start all over ?


thanks >>> Gina

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The forums are designed to be member helping member. If you aren't getting a response from other members please contact our product support at http://www.nch.com.a...ort/index.html.


thanks ... i have contacted support as you suggest, however why not answer the question here? there are others (at least one that can be seen) who have similar queries.


that is the nature of forums - yes member helping member as well as 'expert' making sure the product is useable and user friendly. ???


this is getting so frustrating now - days have passed since i first asked for help ... and paying for support is not ideal .... as the problems crop up as and when one works through the program - and i bought three of them from NCH - integrated systems that kind of thing.

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Guest N C H_TM

however why not answer the question here?


While various staff members frequent the forums they may not be familiar with all our programs since we have more than 80 different products. Our support team is trained on particular product categories and the programs within those categories so they are best equipped to respond to questions. The paid support plans are for those customers who feel they need a higher level of support. You do not have to pay to receive support. Just visit the support page http://www.nch.com.a...port/index.html and file a support request. I know it can be frustrating waiting for a response, but our support techs make every effort to answer any ticket within one business day and often are able to respond sooner. It depends on the volume of tickets they are working on and the complexity of the issues.


I realize you have written a couple of times to support. I've asked the support manager to review your ticket and expedite a response.

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fynearts is you have a reply, please post it in here. It will help me and others, I'm sure.





Hi tfcardoso .... thanks for this prompt/bump ....


yes i have had reply from NCH ... it would so be more expedient if they replied here directly but nonetheless i will post the email reply here for you and others .... (below)

also ... a great reply at this link here http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=15983#msg16065


having received both instructions on the same day the advice from richpoor made the most sense - especially for learner beginners like me.


reply from NCH support (which finally came through - same time as topic above(link)

Hi Gina,


I apologize for the delay in our response, we've had a high volume of tickets recently.


First off, please know that you don't ever need to pay for support, you can always get free support through this channel. We simply answer the tickets of paid support customers on a priority basis, and offer them telephone support as well.


As far as clearing your Inventoria data, I apologize if this is a bit technical, we normally have a button during uninstall but since Mac doesn't have uninstall, it is missing there.


1. Close Inventoria and drag the app to the trash to uninstall

2. Open Terminal from your Applications/Utilities folder

3. Paste this command (without the quotes): "rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Inventoria/"

4. Press [Enter] to run the command

5. Install and launch Inventoria again and it should be a clean install.


As far as a step-by-step how to guide, we unfortunately don't have one at this time. The best resources are the in-application help file, this page: www.nchsoftware.com/inventory/faq.html and of course us in support here.


As for the forums, we provide them so users can communicate about the software with other users. We'll sometimes pop our heads in, but we don't have full time support people answering questions there, so you're best off submitting a ticket through the same form you used to get to me.


Please let me know if you have questions about any of the above, and thanks again for your patience.



I hope it helps ... regards >>> Gina

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