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How could I change Image size and position?


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You can change the image(or video) position by using the "Motion" effect or the "Position" effect ("Position" is easier).

Put the image/video clip on the sequence line and select it.

Left click the "Effects" tab on the tool bar

Left click "Add Effect"

Select "Position"

Use the "Offset X% and Offset Y% sliders to position the image/video clip to where you want it.


If you want the image to scroll or move about from one position to another then click the green crosses to fix the settings for various positions of the red cursor line.

Play the clip with the grey > button and if OK click "Close." The effect is transferred to your sequence.


Changing image size is similar but select the "Scale" effect from the list.

Using the sliders is a bit hit and miss, but as a guide setting 1.0 for each value gives a full size image whilst 0.5 in each box will give a 1/2 size image etc.. Different values in each box will alter the aspect ratio and using the green crosses to fix keyframes for different red line cursor positions will produce a zooming effect or a stretching / squashing effect depending on the values you enter.


If you want to move the image about as well as change it in size then you CAN combine the "Position" and "Scale" effects but as they are both available under the "Motion" effect (plus "Rotate" ) select that instead.


You will need to experiment a bit to obtain complex motions.



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