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I've just installed Classic FTP on a MacBook running OS X 10.4.11, and I'm ready to ask for a refund. I've never seen a newly installed program fail like this within minutes.


Can anyone make any suggestions about these problems:


No help file. I just get a completely blank window.


I could enter 2 of 4 top-level directories. I can open all with an ancient copy of PowerDesk under XP. There is no permissions issue.


My htdocs directory is represented more often than not with an extra character. I assume that's why I couldn't open it. It was htdocsA, then htdocsL and htdocsI. I tried multiple re-starts. Then suddenly its name was right and I could get into it. Then for no reason, the name changed again and I couldn't get in. Clicking REFRESH can sometimes help, but it might also just change the extra character.


And one directory has never let me in. Could the name ".nsSpace" be giving the program a problem? I can't change that name; it's a system folder.


I uploaded a file but I can't delete it (just a test).


I tried uploading to the root directory and Classic FTP says it was done. But I can't see it here or on my other machine. It was not uploaded.


In a fairly big directory, a dozen names are blank (both files and directories). There's a type and a size but no name.


I just wanted something light weight for traveling, but this is business-related and, if my experience is any guide, Classic FTP is just not ready for prime time.

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