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Narration, Microphone

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I am learning the VideoPad Narration feature now, am still struggling but can make the voice feature post where it is supposed to be, but wonder where the Microphone is located. I get no sound at all from the "recording narration" dialogue. Please help.


I use v. 2.41 and Windows XP.


When I go through the process of posting (nonworking) narrations on VideoPad, I then have to remove them. When I remove them I get a message that says, "If you remove [this narration], any video sequence, sound, or overlay clips associated with this file will be removed as well." Then, when I click on OK, it does NOT remove the video sequence. So what am I doing wrong?




I finally found an audio wizard which can be accessed by: File>Audio Wizard. Through some experimentation I was able to find the combination that allowed me to begin narration. SUGGESTION: It would be helpful to have a tutorial to assist with this; what is now available is not really useful.

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