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I'm looking for a program to use for changing and recording voices to use for dubbing cartoons. I tried this but I don't know if I'm not using it right or what. First of all I can't figure out how to record. and Secondly all I hear is static and chaotic echoey noises. HELP!!!!!

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Ok I know this was posted a couple months ago but let me take a stab at this. 1st what type of mic setup are you using ? USB ? Condensor Mic thru a small mixing console ?


I personally use on my rig a yamaha dm2000 digital desk ( I know it is a big rig but hey its in the shop so I use it lol ) and I have several mics to choose from in my personal collection. But for streaming I prefer the Audio Technica P48 at2020 condensor.


The big difference is in using the mixer + condensor method is that you have much more control over your line input signal into the sound card and the features of having a hands on EQ right there infront of you. Plus you have the what is called phantom power for the microphone. Phantom power sends upto 48 volts down the mic cable to power the mic giving it an amplified signal.


The issue i have with USB mics are they are software driven and you just can't seem to find the sweetspot to make them perform.

Granted there are good USB mics out there but nothing seems to sound better then a good ol studio mic.


Ok now on to your question. Sorry bout rambling on but I'm old. First check your main line in settings for the mic. Tweak it there until you get the mic right at the edge of clipping. Once you are there go into the Voxal software and use that gain input to get your desired results. Turn it up if needed or turn it down if needed. Just make sure you dont overdrive the input signal at the software or you will get distortion.


Another suggestion would be to check to see if you have a broken or shorted out mic cable also check your mic's input connection to see if it is seated properly or the housing is broke. once you have checked those and it still has not fixed the propblem move to the mic and see if there is damage to any of the internal connections. If your mic has an on and off switch that is usually the first place to have an issue. I suggest using a mic that does not have this feature. And if all else fails try updating your soundcard drivers.


If you need any suggestions on a small yet affordable mixer type rig let me know i can point you in the right direction. So far playing with the other NCH software I am pretty impressed and this software here may have a few quirks but I am sure it will come around.

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