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Percussion notation


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Guest Alex Chapman

Hi jcouts,


At the moment Crescendo's note stem orientation is entirely automatic based on the position of the note on the staff, so no, there isn't a way to invert the notes for a kick drum.



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I will appreciate any help to guide me, to write 1 note, for 2 voices, with 1 stem up and 1 stem down. I went through all the settings, i can move stems up or down but i can not retain 2 of them, on the same note. I tried to type to notes for soprano than for alto, does not work. Somehow, by chance, i manged to write only 1 note with 2 stems, 1 up, 1 down on the same note, but i can not find the right steps again. If someone can help me, i would be very gratefully!

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