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can i merge different video pad projects together into one movie?


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I created 5 video pad projects, and now want to merge them into one movie. Is there a way to do this within the videopad editor software?


I don't spot a way to merge projects. Perhaps someone else does. However, project CLIPS can be loaded via "CLIP|IMPORT CLIPS FROM ANOTHER PROJECT."

See the related prior thread "how to merge sequences into a movie file."

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In short the answer is NO.

Your project files (vpj files) remain a list of instructions that will create just that project.

As Borate says, you can load the clips that make up another project .........


i.e. Load project 1, then click "Clip" from the top line (next to "Edit" ) and select "Import clips from another project". Navigate to your project folder and select project 2. The files from this project will then be loaded to the media list. Note that as you can't load the clips from several projects at the same time, you will have to separately repeat the procedure for each project.


HOWEVER.... These files will arrive simply as clips; they will NOT be edited ....It's the equivalent of making the whole film again from scratch....So....not exactly what you require. :mellow:


The only thing you can do (which will work) is to load your projects one at a time and, save each of them as an avi (or equivalent) to your PC. Then once they are all saved in this way, open a new project and load each avi to the media list as a clip. You can now add them end to end to the sequence line to create your merged project. You won't lose your original vpj files so you can always repeat the process if things don't work out first time.

The other point to note is that you must have all your original clips on your PC for your previous projects in their original locations or you won't be able to recreate them without a lot of work.



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I'm dealing with a similar issue. I have videos of a number of people (interviews). Each project has two clips (at least) one from each of two angles. I synched up the video clips so that I could pick the sections I want, edit for the desired angle, and zoom/pan for effect.


If I add all the videos in one project, I'm afraid it will be too large to work with. If I create movies of the chosen clips, I won't have the flexibility to change angles later.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,



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As I mentioned above, you can't add projects (.vpj files) together to create a big one unless you save them individually and reload them as though they were clips. But as you correctly say, this "fixes" your editing so to speak.


"If I add all the videos in one project, I'm afraid it will be too large to work with."


Not so! With the later version of VP this is not the case.


You can load the videos for the first section of your film, edit them to your liking and then save the result as a sequence by clicking the + character in the Sequence 1 + prompt at the left of the screen.

This clears the timeline and saves your first section in the media list under the Sequence tab.


Now you can add the videos to the media list for the second section, edit them and save the new timeline as sequence 2 by clicking the + character in Sequence 2 + prompt.

This again clears the timeline and so on.


At any time during the work you can save your progress as a project file (.vpj file) which will recreate your sequences etc, up to the point where you stopped work.


In effect you will be working on a "separate" film (aka. sequence) each time, and these individualy wouldn't be any larger than the single projects you mention.


When you have completed the last sequence and clicked the + you can open the media list under the sequence tab and add them back to the now empty timeline in the order you want and then render your whole film. Having then saved your project, you can return to it if needs be and re-edit any of the sequences individually later if the rendered result is not what you want.



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I'm not sure if this was said exactly or if it was clear but you can easily combine multiple .vpj projects into one project, at least with VideoPad v7.00 which is available.  You do this by opening the first project, then importing the second project, then copying the clips from the second project to the first project, then saving.  Specifically, here are the steps.  Open the first project.  It will show as Sequence 1 above the timeline.  (Make sure you are showing timeline and not storyboard just below where it says Sequence 1). Then go to "File/Import Clips from Another Project".  The second project will show as a Sequence 2 timeline next to where it says Sequence 1.  Go to the Sequence 2 timeline.  Select the entire sequence with <ctrl-A>.  Go to "Edit/Copy Clip(s) in Sequence" at the top of the page to copy the Sequence 2 clips.  Return to the Sequence 1 timeline and go to the end of that sequence.  Then go to "Edit/Paste Clip(s) in Sequence (insert)" to insert Sequence 2 clips onto the Sequence 1 timeline.  The Sequence 2 clips are added as edited clips.  Then save your project.  You're done.  You can cut rather than copy the Sequence 2 clips so they won't remain as Sequence 2.  You can also use shortcuts to manipulate the clips like when manipulating files - Cntrl/C to copy, Cntrl X to cut and Cntrl V to paste.

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