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Moving Item list from Copper to Inventoria

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I downloaded Copper to see if it could do what i needed. Seems like it will work fine so i entered in all my items into it one by one into copper. Now i'd like to get inventoria up and running along with it. But how do I take all the items I entered in Copper and get it over to Inventoria?

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(1) Open Inventoria.

(2) Options -> Other -> Advanced Settings...

(3) Check "Allow Express Invoice, Express Accounts, or Copper to synchronize with Inventoria.

(4) Enter a number or password that is hard for others to guess and click OK. Sometimes I use 123456 for testing, but I'm sure you can be more creative than that.

Leave Inventoria running.


(5) Open Copper and log on.

(6) Options -> Sync Apps.

(7) Select "Synchronize this installation of Copper as a client of Inventoria or Copper.

(8) Enter your code again here.

(9) Enter the IP address. Enter if Copper and Inventoria are running on the same machine. (Otherwise, you may need to go back to the other machine and visit www.whatsmyip.org or use another approach to see the IP address of that machine.) Normally, just enter

(10) Enter the port number, which is 1097 for Inventoria.

(11) Click "Retrieve Locations". Then select a location from the drop-down. If you haven't changed the defaults in Inventoria, it will be "Main Warehouse".

(12) Click "Update now" to make sure it works.

(13) Click OK.

From now on, Copper should update the Inventoria stock counts whenever you sell an item.

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I have completed all these steps I even received the synchronization  successful. But still does not sync my inventory. I have copper, express invoice and inventoria. Express and inventoria were synced the first day and that was it. I am very frustrated with this software and dont want to purchase another please help.

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Using Inventoria as the server program, you can update Inventoria's inventory levels from other programs. The synchronization will not transfer the items from Inventoria to the other program. Inventoria will only manage the inventory levels, that´s it.

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