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Good day, forumites.


I was trying Debut Video Capture Professional 1.82 to record stuff from the screen, like gameplay from old videogames, and found something strange.


The emulator, DOSBox, hides the mouse pointer and uses one of it's own, locking the original within the frame of the emulator and hiding it. For some reason, Debut Video Capture 1.82 still records the mouse pointer as if it was there, which is a major letdown, since I can't record gameplay without the system pointer obstructing the view.


Tried downloading and testing Debut Video Capture 1.68 and it doesn't have that problem.



And, before you chastise me as a dyslexic or a lazy man, mouse pointer highlighter was off on both tests. Besides, mouse highlighter is not even remotely similar to mouse pointer.



Edit: I also tested Debut Video Capture Professional 1.74. It has the same problem.

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I am having this same exact problem. The highlight option is off and there is no cursor when recording, but when the video is viewed with mediaplayer there is a cursor over the games cursor. Sometimes it is the loading clock icon.


I would love to know how to fix this since I want to purchase this software, but if there is no fix for this I simply can't use it.


I'm also wondering if this might be something to due with the free version, I have heard about the watermarks and timestops and hopefully this is the issue so I am comfortable purchasing this software.

I would love to have an answer for this tricky question.


I am running xp64

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