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Problems with digital player dragging, fast-forwarding itself


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This past week, I have been having problems with the digital player when I use Express Scribe. When the problem was first noticed, I was transcribing and the digital player started "skipping" and would slow down, and then would correct itself. However, it would return to the skipping and slowing down throughout the report.


It became a BIG problem when I received a RUSH job. I was transcribing and then I encountered the dictation fast-forwarding on its own and then it would correct itself. The problem is that it went on throughout the report and by the time I was finished there were AT LEAST 15 markers where the digital player had performed in this way. I set markers through out the report (Examples: <13:39.9 to 13:50.8>; <14:08.2 to 14:16.0>; <14:56.0 to 15:05.0>, etc.). There were so many that I thought the doctor dictating was actually doing this, for whatever reason. What was really weird was during my edit after completion of the report, I went through each and every marker and once again, the fast forwarding would start and stop exactly where I marked it. I made sure to leave a note for my supervisor. I rec'd an email stating that she had no problems with the VF on her end and that I needed to check my equipment. I had just completed a report right before that one where the dictation was dragging and was very slow off and on throughout the report, but that report did not have any of the fast-forwarding incidents.


It has affected my work production so I really need to troubleshoot and get it corrected. I was hoping someone could tell me if they have been through anything like this with Express Scribe. I have had the Express Scribe Pro v 5.52 for almost a year and this problem started within this past week.


PLEASE HELP! :blink: I cannot afford to be missing any work. School is starting a week from next Monday! LOL!


THANKS in advance

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