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BAS (Business Activity Statement) Australia

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I have just started setting up this 'Express Accounts' application. Being a small business in Australia, I need to lodge a BAS each quarter. If someone has the time to let me know what the options are for generating the data for a BAS I would be very grateful. Thanks.

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Hi. BAS reporting is in the development work queue and has been for several months, as well as VAT return reporting. The list of additional features queued for future releases of Express Accounts is a long one and I do not know where BAS is prioritized, but I can say it will definitely be there in a future release.

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Well, guess I'll wait until BAS reporting is built in then.


NCH, if you get BAS reporting into your software I imagine you'll get massive sales to all the people currently suffering witht MYOB.


In my research of which accounting program to use, not one person (who was not a paid accountant who's company used MYOB) had anything decent to say about it. The latest "cloud" based version is truly horrendous.


They only use it as it does BAS, and would trash it and it's costly "support" as soon as they could.


I'm using Express invoice at the moment, it does all I need as I'm under the $75,000 threshold but don't want to stay that way for too long. Hopefully Express Accounts will do BAS by the time I need it.

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