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Balance Sheet Problem


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A peculiar problem....


How can my bank account (on the balance sheet report) differ from the bank account report generated through 'reports' - I should add that my receivables (per balance sheet report) differs by the same amount from the actual receivables report.


I have narrowed the problem down to a specific date. On May 30th everything balances (checking account and receivables). There are NO entries in the journal on May 31st and yet the reports as at May 31st show the out of balance situation described above.


If I drill down from the balance sheet entry to the journal entries and then manually calculate the balance, it differs from the amount shown at the top level on the balance sheet report.


Any suggestions gratefully received - it is driving me crazy!





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Finally had reply from support team. It is apparently an untraceable bug in Version 4.6. Recommended upgrade to 4.7 to clear the issue, which it does. That's the good news. The bad news is I had to pay upgrade fee in order to get rid of the bug. Not great customer relations methinks!!

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You should not have paid an upgrade fee. We even have a formal policy where if you report a legitimate impactive bug you get a free upgrade. I will turn our support manager onto this link to get you an upgrade refund. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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