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New version won't let me drag video like v2.10

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You can still drag&drop a file from an explorer window into the timeline. At least it works for me in Win7.

You can drop it in the library/bin too and then add it from there to your tl, or you add stuff via right click in the bin area.


Check Help > Content for a start of the basics.


There are more things that are completely different. Better follow the help file from beginning till the end or until you c.b.a. anymore ^^

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Unless things are drastically different in Windows 8 (I use Vista) all you need to do in VP3.04 is open the program and click the button top left labelled "AddFile" This opens a search window from which you browse to the folder that contains your video.


Left click the video to select it and then the "Open" button at the bottom of the window. The window will close and VP will load the video/clip selected into the media file under the "Video Files" tab.Where it will display as a thumbnail. or as a list depending on your settings.


You can drag and drop the clip from here directly to the sequence track or you can right click it and select"Place on sequence" from the menu that comes up.



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Thanks. I will try these methods, although they sound elementary enough that I'm sure I attempted to find the files and open them instead of my usual dragging. I've gone back to my old laptop with v 2.10 for the next few days to edit some clips and other jobs I need now. I'll let you know if these suggestions work.

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What a mess. The older version was way more intuitive. I could drag to project, click the left flag, record, click the right flag, the arrow icon, the film icon; when my project was ready, I could remove top section, go to top, click save project as, it would do its thing, then notify me project was ready, and I'd find it in VideoPadProects. Simple. If NCH is trying to force an upgrade, I'm not sure I can ever make this work, home premium or not. I'd even consider upgrading if it would allow me to crop. I'm looking for a more serviceable, simple alternative. Any suggestions?

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