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I googled whether VP can flip a video (vertically/horizontally - not rotate) and found this: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120503195333AAvr79w


You can use a plugin. Just go to help, help contents, Plugin Filters, and at that website there is a mirror effect that you can download. It's really simple.


But I didn't find any such plugin. I even googled for it. No success.

I googled for VirtualDub flip plugins then, but since VD has such an option already inbuilt it seems no-one bothered to make a filter/plugin.


Does anyone have this ominous plugin?

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You can only rotate the image by entering the angle required under the Motion effect. (180 to invert it) Flip right or left is not possible unles you use a plugin.


There is a plugin called "Flip horizontally" but it is an internal filter used by virtualdub. I am not sure whether it is available as a .vdf file that can be incorparated into VP.


The Free Studio 2013 download that Borate mentions works OK and will flip left-right or top to bottom with no problem.




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VideoPad 3.10 (coming soon) has a Rotate effect, which allows you to rotate on X, Y and Z axes. Rotating about the Y axis 180 degrees will flip horizontally and rotating about the X axis 180 degrees will flip vertically.

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