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Diamond VC500 - "the device is opened by another program"

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Good evening,


I just purchased a new Diamond WC500 for the PC (running Win7). I chose to install Debut as I heard it was great, while the included software was bloatware.


I unpacked the device, connected to my PC via USB, and then connected my VCR via RCA cables. Despite any un-installing/re-installing of software and drivers however, Debut states the device is in use by another program. I have chosen NTSC (which is correct), and chose the audio input associated with this device. Interestingly enough, when I change the audio input, the video appears and can be recorded, but of course there is no audio.


As a point of elimination, I chose to install the bloatware that came with the device, and while it's not nearly as robust, there seemed to be no error.


I also have rebooted multiple times, and disabled any software that could potentially conflict, like Skype. I also unplugged my webcam.


Has anyone run into this before that might have some advice? (Preferably other than adapting the audio down to a headphone jack and recording it that way).


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


- Sean

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you have to uninstall all the software that can interfere (this includes windows movie maker) and reinstall it then plug in your diamond open the software you want to use with it and it should work


i had to do this with my ezcap because i had this problem a few days ago

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I'm having the same problem. Uninstalling conflicting software hasn't worked for me. I uninstall everything including Debut, then install Debut. I even reboot first. Then plug in the Diamond VC500. Open the software -- and still get the "device is opened by another program" error. Frustrating. Anyone else have some ideas?

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