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I downloaded and installed Soundtap. I opened up soundtap and there is not one single tab or place on it that even suggests "Registration"! I have scoured it clean and there is nothing. I have looked in the program folder for a link and there is nothing. I have read the post http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/10799-registration-issues/ and it is not simple! There is no "File" tab in Soundtap. There is in all of the other software that neatly downloaded with the Soundtap. Those other programs won't take the registration code that I have for my Soundtap program which I did expect that it would.


At present there is absolutely no way for me to register my Soundtap program and I have tried. Now does anyone have helpful and workable suggestions to offer me? I am frustrated. I purchased this software and soon after 14 days I am not going to be able to use so what good will it do me then? If a registration link is not provided in the Soundtap then it is more of a matter of buyer's beware!!


The only options I have in my Soundtap program are listed as follows:


Recordings Help


Play Edit Save As Convert Burn Backup Transcribe Delete Suite Help


Under Recordings there are as listed below:


Play, Edit Audio, Save As, Send to email now.., burn files to CD rom.., Compress and back up files, Convert file sound format, Transcribe with Express scribe, Delete, Select All, Rename, Update now, Launch, close.


Under Help there are listed below:


Help contents, Soundtap Streaming Audio Recording Home Page, Purchase Soundtap Streaming Audio Recorder, Technical Support Page, Send Improvement Suggestion or Feedback, Send Bug Report, NCH Software Home Page, Install Related Tools and Extras, About Soundtap Streaming Audio Recorder


So...............tell me honestly where is it exactly that I am supposed to enter my purchased Registration code at on Soundtap Recorder since you can tell by the tab listings as ascribed previously that there is NO place to enter a Registration code at on my newly purchased and newly acquired Soundtap software program????????

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