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Can anyone tell me is there anyway that we can download our days sales receipts to either a flash drive or a file so that we can store them on our central computer. Right now we have 2 laptops that conduct sales I need to get there information on to the main desktop computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we will be adding 2 more sales people in the next few months. Thank You

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Maybe I was not clear on what we want to do...If each laptop has its own Cooper software downloaded on to it and our main computer also has the software, I know that you can not link them all together but I want to know how can I get the sales information off each laptop so I can store that information somewhere else. By what I have seen so far it looks like the only way to get the data off each laptop is to copy and paste each invoice from each laptop to a file on there hard drive and then copy that file to a flash drive and then upload the flash drive files to our main computer. I was just looking for an easier and faster way other than the old copy and paste routine.

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