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I just downloaded the new version 4.69 and it has the same issues that 4.67 has.


1. if you select COD it marks the invoice as overdue and stamps it on the top of the invoice if you have that option turned on.


2. You cant make your own logo cme to the top of the invoice like it used to in 4.66. Then new templates take control of the top area

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1. I am guessing, it marks as 'Overdue' up-until payment is applied to the invoice, as there is no specific due date for COD. You could simply turn off to not print overdue in Options.


2. Under Options, go to Invoice Layout -> Style. Scroll down to 'Text Block positioning'. See if you have logo selected there in one of the pull-down-list, and click 'OK'.


Hope this helps :)

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that sort of helps but there is just so much wasted space where you have no control of what goes at the top of the invoice now and where you add your items if you turn on the remittance you can literally only have about 5 items on your invoice.


Looks like im going back to version 4.66 to something that works. This new version looks shocking to say the least

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