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No capture from VCR


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I have downloaded Golden Videos (I haven't bought it and do not have a registration code) and I have connected up my VCR via a scart lead, cables, and USB. I have inserted a VHS © tape into the VCR (Toshiba) and opened up the Golden Videos software. For some reason, the VHS tape does not appear in the capture window of the software. I get the message (in red type) 'No video connected or playing. Press play on your VCR and check the lead is correctly plugged into your capture device'. It says the same for audio. Everything, however, is plugged in and the tape is playing. I have checked under settings and I have PAL_B (this is a UK camcorder/tape). Under 'signal detected' it says 0. Under 'Input', it says 0: Video YRYBY In and under Output is has: 0: Video Decoder Out. What am I doing wrong, please? Sorry, this editor does not allow me to use paragraphs. Thanks!

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Good luck Steve.

I have the SAME PROBLEM, and have been trying FOR 2 YEARS to get NCH to help me out.

No such luck. Its like they want you to purchase it and dont care about customer support.

I have done ALL the things you have mention.

MY problem is that the software does NOT recognize my VCR.

In the pull down menu, it only shows my Microsoft Web Cam and NOTHING else.

I have deleted and reinstalled the program 2X.

I have double/tripple checked every thing, and still no results and no word from NCH.

If their product doesn't work with the Demo version, (and I can't get Customer Support),

I'm sure as heck not going to BUY it!

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