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New Update = Too many bugs

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I updated to the newest version. Ever since I did that, my invoices look TERRIBLE! The "SHIP TO" field has the address all squished together/garbled. My business address which is under the logo on the top left side is also squished together. I.E. meaining that my address is 11503, and when I view preview its correct, but when I print it comes out 1503. What is going on here?? Any help would be welcome due to the fact that I have 500 invoices to create and print by the first.

Thank you!!!!


p.s I did purchase the "help" option, but thus far no answer.

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Guest N_C_H_Rob



We apologize for the trouble you're having.

I'm going to email you privately about this issue as don't want to expose personal information that will be part of my response on a public forum.




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I am having a similar issue! i've tried adjusted margins, font size etc. nothing seems to work - i was using version 3.25 on a PC which worked perfectly for me. I've just got a Macbook and had to download version 3.84 - which is terrible when you have to do invoices - is there any way of downloading the older version - or can anyone help??



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I am using Express Invoice v. 3.21 on my MacBook Pro.


Express Invoice has serious margin setting issue. Set up margins for Invoice and also paper margins (sides, bottom and top), and when you print, the contents of "Note" and "Footer" are missing.


Additionally, the margins are not uniformed. If you print quote, margins are way off and some of numbers don't show.


It is really frustrating that NCH can't even resolve this issue as seems that many users are having the same or similar problems.


And not to mention, but terrible support. I emailed this problem to support weeks ago, but nobody has even bothered to reply.

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