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Quotes and Sales Orders won't display in list form

Robert Platt

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I am a private residential Architect. 1/2 my clients are builders and 1/2 are private clients. I generally prepare a quote after reviewing a potential project and submit it to the prospective client. If they accept, I change it to a sales order and invoice from that base as things progress. At least that's the idea. I can't display a list of outstanding quotes or initiated sales orders. They just don't display. If I prepare and invoice and reference a sales order, the system "sees" it. Otherwise, not there! Am I nuts?


Also, a client in my client ledger shows a balance due. They don't have one. Everyhting checks out but the mystery $255.00 is still out there. Doesn't show up in bank account, P & L, Balance sheet, nowhere. Doesn't show as a receivable or unpaid balance. Just on the client's roster. Ideas?

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