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essential to stop scrolling playback window!

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hello I just bought wave pad. Overall it seems good but one feature is hopeless for my close editing work - I cant stop the waveform scrolling during playback. In need the wave to hold still while I look, listen, edit, look listen again etc.


I notice this issue has been raised numerous times but I do not find a response. I hope there is a way to turn this off otherwise I will want to ask for my money back as it makes an otherwise nice program completely useless to me.




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Go to the Shortcut Keys heading under the Contents heading in Help. There you will see that the space bar pauses and starts the scroll. There are other useful keys for slow and fast speed etc. etc. If you are trying to use your mouse for audio editing, you will soon be ready for a long rest in a quiet place!

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Luna, I have the same complaint. I bought the new version, and cannot lock the horizontal scroll. I was able to do this on the older version. This new version is useless to me unless I can lock the cursor to move within the selection. Were you ever able to figure this out? Lori

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