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I cannot get the broadcom software to connect to an rtsp stream from an ip camera. I can connect to the stream just fine from vlc or any other application that accepts rtsp input.


I am wondering if perhaps i am entering the wrong format for the rtsp stream for broadcom to interpret.


To access the stream in VLC player i enter a full address as follows eg. "rtsp://"


I enter the same string into broadcom under raw url mode and i cannot connect. I am wondering should i be putting a different version of the string into this raw url. Is broadcom taking this url and prepending it with the rtsp:// or inserting :554 after i've typed in the string, meaning i should leave those details out of the url i enter. There is no hint in the config window about what format the software wants the url.


I've tried rearranging the url without different parts (rtsp:// etc.) and it still has made no difference.


This test stream is live and working with vlc and other rtsp players at:




Please feel free to use this url for testing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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As far as i could tell it does. I was directed to the software from some suggestion somewhere on the internet for that purpose.


When you choose to add a 'Live Video Source', you have 3 options; webcam, IP Camera (MJPEG), IP Camera (RTSP). This is what leads me to believe the software supports ip camera RTSP streaming in some capacity.


I have since tried using 'Flash Media Encoder' and it presents the 'exact' same dialog window when i configure the RTSP settings, with both windows mentioning the copyright of 'moonware studios'. Moonware Studios from a quick google make the webcam7 / webcamXP software.


I only mention this because when i try to stream the RTSP stream with Flash Media Encoder the software does appear to be downloading the RTSP streaming video, however there is no output. A look at the log files shows errors returning conflict with the cameras resolution, implying it will only accept 640x480 and others, however my cameras resolution is slightly different.


Seeing as both programs appear to be using this 'moonware' software, i am guessing this resolution conflict is the same reason why Broadcom is not streaming my RTSP feed. The only difference is that broadcom is not providing me with the log output to say so.


MJPEG is not an option for me as i was hoping to use the software in a low bandwidth environment.


I think i have figured out an alternative way for doing what i want anyway.


Thanks for your help.


If mentioning the other software etc. is against the forum rules please delete / edit as necessary.

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I have seen in the past some newer rtsp cameras (e.g. marhall) that embed ONVIF metadata to the stream.

I know also a lot of video software, which is not compatible to it. Perhaps this is the source of your problem...



CU Simon

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