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Port issues


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I have the program up and running, but I seem to be having some issues with my ports. I have port 86 forwarded and in broadCam options it says Current Status: Your network is configured properly.


When I click open links I get the links page with this warning:


Warning: Because your computer is on a private network you must set up your router and enter the known host details for the links to work properly from a public IP.


I can not find anything on how to fix this.


If I embed the code in my webpage and click the link from my computer (Windows OPS) I get an error message that when clicked takes me to a page with this:


You need to open port 1935 to be able to broadcast Flash video.


Please check your firewall (and/or other network devices) settings and make sure port 1935 is opened.



I have went into my firewall settings and checked and it shows that port 1935 is allowed and I changed the Profile from private to ALL.

I still get the same error I even tried turning off my firewall and still got the same thing.


I can however go to the page with my Ipad and see the live stream but it is running behind.

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