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New stock, report building and printout very slow

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We are small company using Inventoria for control of our stock. Inventoria is running on dedicated PC using XP operating system. Generally we find this program provides everything we need but new stock input, stock search, report building and printout are very slow and almost unusable for our process. Does any other user have the same problems and if so what is the cure?

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I can confirm that this software is slow.


Problems that I faced in version 3.31 were reported.


Unable to update to the next version without pay an extra year licence.


Known if problems were resolved.


Would be a great program if the better customer support and patches were available for free.

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I purchased the "upgrade" for inventoria and although the reports, as well as the purchases and sales were generating quickly, the sales and purchase history became virtually unusable because it was so slow. So I uninstalled the update, and reinstalled the original software. It seems you can't have your cake and eat it too with this software.

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