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BroadWave and Remote Audio over RDP


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This Topic is intended to help save significant amounts of time and frustration for those attempting to use BroadWave to stream audio from a remote location.


I have been attempting to use RDP to stream from a remote computer with an attached microphone to my BroadWave streaming computer. I can get audio to the server computer from my remote computer and can even record it with NCH's WavePad editor but no matter what I do, including installing a couple other pieces of software (fabulatech's Sound Over RDP, for example) BroadWave will NOT pick up the audio.


After many hours of testing, tweaking, and re-testing I finally emailed NCH (I didn't buy the additional support) and patiently waited for a reply. In essense, remote audio to BroadWave is not supported. Here is the reply I received:


3 May 2013 - BroadWave is not designed or tested for remote connections. It would only work with physical cameras attached or Network Cams with URL at present.


So that being the case, I have a horribly clugy work-around.


1. Set up BroadWave lite on my remote computer.

2. Post a link to the stream on my website and bury the page.

--- BTW - it won't work unless you click the link from the page - at least not for long. I was able to just paste the link into my player for a couple weeks but after the trial expired it wouldn't play remotely until I posted the link with the NCH advert.

3. RDP to Server Machine

4. Open buried web page from step 2 and click stream link.

5. Start BroadWave and select "Stereo Mix" as input source.


This process works but there is a significant (about 45-60 second) delay and there is a further complication of having 3 places to adjust levels and wait 60 seconds to see full effect of adjustments.


If anyone has any other suggestions, I am open to them as I need to be able to give this set up to tech novices and have them be able to get it running without my assistance.


Thank you kindly.

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