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Two taxes


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Hi, I was wondering how do I charge two taxes on the same receipt, but they need to be displayed on the receipt. I live in Quebec in Canada, and it is the law to show the two taxes (provincial and federal). I have alreayd entered the two taxes, but I can't choose to show both... they have different names too, TPS and TVQ.


Also, I seem to be able to put only two digits for the taxes, but we have three digit taxes here: 9.975% and 5%, is there a workaround possible?


Thank you if someone can respond.

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I've just tried the 3 digit, by amending one of my tax rates from 20% to 20.225% and it works perfectly. Do you have the latest version of the s/w?.


I think you can achieve showing two taxes by creating a combined tax rate. The invoices should print the two taxes separately.

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