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Move clips on upper tracks

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Is there a way to rearrange clip positions on an upper track (ie. Track 2 and higher) without overwriting or leaving gaps in the original sequence? As I see it if you move a clip to another position in the timeline it overwrites at its new position and leaves a gap where it was.


Select (highlight) the clip to be moved and all tracks to its right, then drag it.

To close a gap easily right-click in it and CLOSE GAP.


To drag a clip onto another track - between other clips (but not overwrite them) - create a gap that is larger than the new. After insertion, close any gaps.

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What do mean by original sequence? In version 3.02 you can easily use the higher tracks to create inserts in the main track which will obviate having to split it.

Video clips on the upper track act as overlays and if their opacity is set to 100% then they will play over the main track clip. Moving them should not create a gap in the main sequence (unless you have previously split it and moved the sections apart) but obviously the section of the main sequence that was covered will now play. You can close any gaps as Borate describes.

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