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h.264 MPEG-4? movies puzzling results, not good


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My HD security cameras output uses H 264 compression. The application packaged with camera is called "mp6player.exe", and is grossly under featured and buggy. The cut / clip function does not work.


Using Videopad 2.41 converts the input file on load, and all seems well.


I clipped 2 minute segment out of 8 minute file.

I chose mp4 output.


Results: images colors are correct but very badly washed out. I suspect it is caused by 15 frame movie output at specified 30 fps. I had to do that, because output at 15 fps ran at double speed.


The output file correctly runs for two minutes, but the file size was larger than the input file for 8 minutes play time. Why?


Any hints or tips would be appreciated.



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