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I have started using Express Accounts and like the software. It has a great interface, small footprint and is easy to use. But, there does seem to be a lot of bugs. A shame really as they would easily be correctable. Perhaps some other users have come up against the same problems and have found issues. These issues happen in all the versions I have tested up to 4.66. They are all in relation to Invoicing/Accounts Receivable as that has been the first area I have worked on.


1. Some currencies (like Indonesian Rupiah) have large amounts of digits. EG: 1 US$ = about Rp10,000. So an invoice for equivalent of $500.00 is 5 million Rupiah (5,000,000.00). There is no decimal place in the currency as it would be too confusing. So in the Regional section one would set it to nil currency digits.

Simple enough. But raise an invoice, make the payment to that invoice. Then delete the payment and go and do the payment again and the balances are all wrong. When you do the payment, it still has some strange amount already applied to the invoice. The same occurs when currency digits are set to nil, one or three.

Basically the system has the bug except if currency digits are set to two.


2. Create an invoice, then go to Journal and delete the invoice. Go back and view invoices and the invoice remains. No warning or anything when the invoice was deleted from the journal. Same if you create an invoice and do the payment. Print Preview the invoice and it shows it has been paid and no balance due. Go to the Journal and deleted the payment which it happily lets you do without warning. Go to the print preview for the invoice again and it still shows as no balance due and fully paid.


3. Simple non invoiced sale. This is basically a receipt, the type of transaction one would do when making a sale from a store front. All works quite nicely except for one thing. The payment automatically gets posted to the "checking account" bank account. You don't have the option of selecting your bank account or petty cash account. This is totally wrong. In fact it should go to a bank type account which is titled "Cash Drawer" or similar. Then when money is banked it is transferred from the "Cash Drawer" account to whatever bank account the money is deposited. Or, you can do some of the transfer to your petty cash account if you need petty cash. But it seems to get even worse. Delete the "Checking Account" account or even change the name and the money gets posted to NO account. It seems the system is "hard coded" to look for the text "Checking Account" and if it doesn't find it too bad.


I'm sure these are things which could easily be fixed. I do believe Express Accounts has the potential to be a great piece of software for small business so lets hope the developers are listening.

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