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Need HELP with BARCODE SCANNER (Copper POS)!!!


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Hi everyone,


I desperately need some guidance!


I just bought a 2nd hand POS system (IBM) for our new RC Hobby Shop here in Arizona.


The previous owner had "Copper POS" installed but removed it before he sold it to us.


I decided to try it out for our needs.


OK so here is the trouble:


RE: the barcode scanner (it is a Symbol M-2007). It scans (makes the high-pitched "beep" sound) but nothing shows up on the computer screen!


It's as if it is reading air!


I read someone else's thread re: the same problem, and did what they said to do (open Copper, then 'add item' then scan) and still nada.


The troubleshooter in the guidebook says something about 'host type' and also something about changing the device settings.


I can't figure out how to do any of that.


What is a 'host type'?

Where do I go to change the device options?


A prompt reply (or replies!) would be graciously accepted and appreciated.




Thank you everyone,


Amazing RC Hobbies

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Guest N C H_TM

I've checked with our Copper development team and it is unlikely this is a problem with Copper, but instead with the barcode scanner itself. It would probably be best to explore the barcode scanner support options.

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