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Can Switch convert .jrc files?


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I am hoping someone here can help me. Here is my situation.


My Chinese wife has a neat little audio device that she was given that lets her listen to Chinese preaching in her own language. The device has literally hundreds if not thousands of files on an SD card. I opened it up and tried to extract the files hoping that they were in .mp3 format hoping she could put these audio files in her own mp3 player as the device has a horrible interface and no way of knowing what file is being played besides going one-by-one.


But the files ended up being .jrc. I've never heard of this kind of file and have searched and searched but have found very little on this and nothing about .jrc as an audio file.


Is there anyone who knows anything about this or how to go about converting such a file into an mp3?


Each file is about 4-5 MB and I am looking everywhere to find a converter. Can Switch do this?


Is there any way to submit a file to NCH and see if they can convert it?


Any suggestions?


Thank you so much.

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