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Question for UK NHS users


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Newbie post-hope it's appropriate.


Currently using Grundig Dicta Soft hand held digital recorders with Dicta Soft Pro and DSS mover software. Find it full of bugs and very unforgiving to users. Thinking of changing.Currently trialling Express Dictate and very pleased to have got it working from download in 5 mins flat-so far so good.


Any UK NHS GP users out there willing to share their experiences?


Specifically-how do you feel about patient confidentiality / governance issues? Did you carry on using hand held recorders or switch to microphones?


Any comments or experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Am currently undergoing a trial of the Express Dictate-Scribe-SpeechMike combo in my practice and it is working v well so far.

The reasons are as follows


1. System wide hot keys so basically the program operates even if it is minimised. I have a function key programmed to open it and one to minimise it so I can easily dictate while reading records at the same time (there is also a choice of full size or smaller window). You can also customise a prompt to display when you start a new dictation, to for example enter patient number and initials straight away.

2. Generous notes area that you can use to label the referral, you can even cut and paste whole x ray reports into it to get the secretary to add it in the referral.

3. V quick

4. Archived Dictations shows the status of your referrals, to the point of where there are on the list of the typist screen. One slight bug I am looking into is occasionally the date of transmission to them doesn't register, but it doesn't seem a biggie since it still in the right order.

5. Ability to instantly transfer the Dictations to the secretaries by automatically saving it on a folder on the server which syncs with Express Scribe, so the dictation confidentiality is protected as much as the patient records themselves

6. You can also use encryption in addition which is all automatic and doesn't affect speed (preset the codes first on installation)

7. If you need a portable facility for an emergency home visit, you can use Pocket Dictate on the iPhone and use encryption on the dictation you are sending by email.


So far so good basically, it is so efficient that I am able to dictate as I go along in the surgery, saving a lot of stress at the end of the day.

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Thanks for that. Seems to confirm what I am finding out-it looks to be a very stripped down clean and effective piece of software. I have found one other NHS user thus far via a practice manager forum to whom I shall be speaking to as well hopefully. When you look at the ridiculous prices being charged by big companies flogging expensive hand held machines and big software packages this looks fantastic value in comparison. However you do need to be a relatively confident IT practitioner / self starter whcih is where I wobble a bit.


Can I trouble you with another couple of questions please? Please excuse the newbie nature.


-Is it possible to configure the default priority levels, instead of high, medium, low etc is it possible to change these to 2ww, routine, urgent, insurance etc etc or would you use the prompt to add comments feature? You mentioned being able to cut and paste an x ray report in how did you do this?

-Do you feel the encryption is necessary or are you happy to use the shared folder arrangement? Presumably encryptions means if turned on the the typing pool have to tap in a code every time to open a file?

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