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Hello All,


1. Trying to enable speech to text function in Express Scribe ver 5.56. Windows voice recognition is installed and works correctly.


2. Under Express Scribe Options > Speech to Text tab > checked box Enable speech recognition

User-specific profiles > Add > User ID 0, Profile "Default Speech Profile" > OK

User ID is populated with 0, Profile is blank

Click OK > popup balloon saying Invalid profile for user 0


3. See screen print at http://screencast.com/t/VO9o9LA1F7C


4. Express Scribe uninstalled. Computer restarted. Express Scribe re-installed. Same error.


Computer: Windows 7, 16Gb RAM, i7 processor


Thanks in advance for your help!



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I've a somewhat similar problem with speech to text using Microsoft engine. I load and play a 1 hour mp3 audio file. Afterwards I get a large text file which has absolutely nothing to do with the audio file content. All spelled correctly, no punctuation as expected but more like a string of random words. Anyone run into this before? Have I missed a setting? I used MS speech recognition with default profile since there's more than one speaker. Here's an example of the output:


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Hello, I am trying to set up Express Scribe with the Microsoft Speech to text engine in Windows 8.1


I went to Options > Speech To Text, selected the Windows engine, selected a default profile and then hit add to add a profile. From the drop down menu I selected a profile and left User Id at value 0. After I clicked OK, the profile name does not show up in the user specific profile list, only the user id. So I can see the 0 in the user ID column, but nothing in the profile name column.


When I try to hit ok on the text to speech option dialog box I get the error "invalid profile for user0"


Loading an audio file and trying to automatically transscribe, doesn't generate any text.


How can I get a working configuration so that I can load an mp3 and let Express Scribe transscribe it? Thank you!

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