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Occasional issue sending.


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So I've got a bit of an issue here. I've lurked the forums attempting to find anybody who has the same issue to no avail.


Our situation is we have four dictators sending to a delegate that then moves them to one of two scribers. We just have dictate and delegate dump the dictations onto different folder of a server. One (and only one) of the dictators is having issues sending their dictations. When they send, it makes it to the delegate just fine, but the delegate cannot send it on, it gives an error. The delegate can save it to their local machine and import it to send it on, but cannot send it directly. The strange thing is, it only happens once in a great while. I can create a new dictation and it will work fine. I can recover the non-working dictation from the original dictators computer and it will continue not working.


Anybody else run into this issue? Could it be a delegate/dictate issue, or perhaps a server issue? All folder permissions are set properly and only one person has this issue, and even then not too often.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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