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time stamp insertion delay

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I'm using v. 5.45 pro. Have been for a while. I often do time stamped transcripts for audio/video editing, time stamping either incremental time periods, or at speaker change:


00:25:14.3 But I felt ....


Yesterday day I noticed that when I grab the time stamp and insert it and begin typing dialog there is a few second delay before the time stamp inserts and what I've typed shows up. It's really annoying. Although I touch type I guess seeing what I'm typing is a crutch and I make stupid mistakes when I don't see it as I type.


Only the time stamp and first few words are delayed. Once they all appear and I continue typing it's as usual, until I insert a new time stamp. Haven't changed any settings so don't understand what the problem might be. Any help greatly appreciated!

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You may want to check if the computer's performance peaks up (at task mannager, performance tab) when this specific function takes place as this may be one of the causes why the program will lag only at start.

You may also want to check if your computer specification to confirm if the computer has enough memory, hard disk space and processor to run the program and any other applications or programs you may be running at the same time.

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