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DID based routing

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I am a newbie here and trying to set up the system. First I am told by my SIP carrier that Axon does not handle DID based routing. Is that true?


Secondly, is there documentation that I have access to, to set up the pbx. I am at a wits end here, nothing is explained.


Most importantly, where do I enter my SIP provider details? What screen is this.

And extensions dont recognize the server, even if they are on the same test system.



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I would start here: http://www.nch.com.au/pbx/support.html


This is just a user community forum and it sounds like you need more actual support, therefore start with that link and work your way down the list. If your answers are not found there then submit a ticket to the actual NCH Support team and someone will reply to your ticket in a timely fashion. NCH Support is not a pay only service, however should you choose to pay for support your ticket is put in the priority que rather than being taken in the order it was received.





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