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Can't find files after changing default Recordings folder


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The default Recordings folder installed with ST (Prgram Data...) was never visible in the Windows Explorer tree and the Search couldn't locate the wav files I'd created. I could only find the files via the Find & Play menu in ST.


I made the mistake of changing the default folder to one that I could actually find (My Music...) in Explorer but I neglected to copy the wav files from the default folder and now of course I can't find them even thru Find & Play. I tested the new default folder and I can find recordings there but I want to retrieve earlier recordings I made.


I have searched on file names, *.wav, folder names, dates, etc. but nothing works. Are the recordings wrapped up in the ST app somehow and thus not visible?



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The Program Data folder is generally "hidden". If you change your Folder Options settings to show hidden files/folders you should then be able to see the Program Data folder on your primary hard drive; typically the "C" drive.



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