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ES Pro DS2 Audio Drops-Uninstalling Removes Foot Pedal Control

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Express Scribe Pro keeps cutting off the audio on DS2 file types. After verifying the integrity of my DS2 files, I've spent countless hours looking for a way to fix the problem. The "file converters" did not work and only replicated the problem after the file was converted. After countless hours of trying to fix this, I had to call the customer to tell them I could not finish the job (and probably lost the customer over this). It was an urgent project and I had delayed them enough.


Uninstalled the ES Pro version to try and go back to my free version that I used and worked fine for years, now NCH took away the option to use my foot pedal! It appears that they are forcing me to purchase a defective Pro version in order to get back to where I was.


I used to rave to all the attorneys I talked to about NCH software but I will not be doing so any more. A couple of attorneys have left NCH because of these types of glitches -- and the failure by NCH to timely remedy them. A simple google search will reveal a lot of people having the exact same issue with this software -- it's been on-going for months -- no fix by NCH -- yet they continue to misrepresent that the software is DS2 compatible. I am very, very frustrated.

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