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Debut only records half screen?


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I am using Debut v1.68 with dual monitors running at 1920 x 1080 each.

My issue is that Debut appears to think my screen res is 1280 x 720 on both, going from the top right corner of the left screen, and the top left corner of the right screen. I have attempted to manually adjust the capture size, which says that I am using the whole screen but still tells me that its 1280 x 720 and refuses to acknowledge there is more screen. the mouse however recognizes the entire area, and appears completely off in the preview window.

What I am trying to do is record just one of the screens, but even then, it only captures up to 1280x720.

If i select a smaller area in the zone that it doesn't pick up, the capture just gets placed at the bottom of the 1280 x 720 area.

Extremely frustrating. Can anyone help with this?

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