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Capture Problem


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When trying to capture video from my Sony PC330 camcorder, capture does not work.


--using VideoPad 2.41 professional

--camera is connected via iLink cable to my Windows XPHome computer

--Window Movie Maker can capture just fine

--the controls along the bottom of the capture video window do control the camera

--no preview of the video shows up in the capture video window

--a file is created on the hard disk, but it is empty (0 megs)

--the section of the capture video window that should contain the video does not update, and sometimes shows an image from another window


How can I get VideoPad to capture from my camera?


Thanks for all your good work there at NCH.


your customer,



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When setting up mine I had two problems...


The correct video aspect ratio or video size has to set on Videopad...it wasn't getting a preview...


And the driver that windows uses for web streaming messes with other programs trying to use

my webcam, it left an ! next to my driver for programmable interupt...so I right clicked, update driver,

auto search computer for driver and it fixed itself.

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