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Space across bottom of video


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When I chromakey a video I size it to fit in the output window. When the movie is rendered there is a space across the bottom. It's like the video is not filling the whole window. I've sized it several times but can't get rid of the bottom space. The original is 1280 x 720 and I render in 1280 x 720 it's .mov in this case from an .mp4 file. Any ideas thanks.

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Check the position of your overlay and also the vertical margin setting. (The button to the left of the green chroma button). By default, the overlay image is placed in the subtitle position. Right click the overlay to get the control window up and make sure that the central square on the arrow block is clicked. When the size slider is moved fully to the right the overlay and main frame are the same size but if the margin settings are not zero , there will be a gap at the top or bottom or either side (depending on the position setting)

You need to check the central box for the overlay to be central and the margin settings should be zero.


Hope this helps.



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