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Streaming bit rate


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Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how fast my internet will need to be to support audio streaming? I can only imagine me streaming to 6 connections at once max. The stream will be just audio for now and will last about 2.5 hours. Will regular old residential high speed internet work? Thanks

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I have an upload speed of 448kbps, and have had 6 connection running ok. You can limit the bitrate used if you specify the kbps= parameter on the URL. So perhaps lower the bitrate for some users, or all of them if it's speech. Best is to try it and see if the player reports that it's buffering rather than playing

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about bitrate streaming,why not 320kb/sec.I like qualyty in music.

about mine upload dont worry fiber 120Mb up and down,so thats why i ask.because the compresion,takes a lot from pc quadcore 3,6

16 gig on ram,but i wil like use pc also underwhile for subtiteling movies.

if heart there is also een video server,is that compatelble.can i that bitrate streaming using alone for audio?


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