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Adding cost to invoice items 'on the fly'

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Hi there,


I would like to know if its possible to add a cost associated with a non-generated item that you enter on a customer's invoice. For example, I go to invoice a customer and add invoice items that I have not previously set up a name, cost or price. It seems I can enter any information I want in the invoice except for a cost unless I have already created this item.


My business has many variable costs and services which will change almost between every customer. It would be very helpful if I could just add our cost of that specific order to the invoice on the fly instead of making a large amount of items first and then constantly changing them.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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In Version 4.51, I can create an invoice WITHOUT typing anything in the Item field. I put a number in the first field - this is used to mutiply the cost I type in the Unit Value field, then type something in the description fied, then type in the cost of 1 item in the Unit Value field and it adds the total up including the tax which has been set in the default tax settings.


I did the above and saved it as a draft and all seemed to work fine..


The heading of the fields can be changed to suit your needs.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks kindly for your reply. Sorry for not being clear, but by cost; I did not mean the price of an item. I meant the actual cost of the item to the company (prior to resale) whereby Express Accounts is able to use that value to show actual profits.


When you create an item, you can set its price.. and cost (which is unknown to the customer) I am looking to able to set the cost to items that I arbitrarily add to invoices that have not been pre-determined. It seems I can add any other value to these 'on the fly' items but the cost.



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