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Windows Vista voice modem SUCCESS (mostly)!


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After numerous days of testing and research, I have FINALLY found an affordable modem which DOES work with IVM Answering Attendant on my Windows Vista system (and no doubt, could work on Windows 7 using the correct modem driver).


The alternative to an affordable modem would be to purchase professional Telephony cards or USB devices. They would be much more reliable, but also considerably more expensive.


The affordable (and mostly functioning) solution for me is:


- Windows Visa 32bit

- IVM Answering Attendant Version 5.10

- HiRO H50113 External USB data/fax/voice modem with DRIVER VERSION

(Note: The above modem also has drivers for Windows 7. Which means it could work for you too if your operating system is not Vista)


More answers and some things I have learned (in simple terms for people like me):


Prior to Windows Vista (XP and earlier), most voice modems worked quite well with telephone answering software. But then things changed and all of a sudden problems arose. Call display didn't work, outgoing recordings couldn't be heard, modems wouldn't answer the call, etc. Two simplistic reasons for this are: One, Microsoft changed things in the operating system; and two, modem manufacturers did not provide drivers which work well with the changes. It's actually more complex than that, but I'm not doing any more research - so there!


Did your old USRobotics or AOpen voice modem used to work great for everything on XP? Yeah, so did mine. And then I tested both of them on a Windows Vista computer with IVM. *Sigh*


In my tests with the above modems most functions (including call display) worked with IVM, but my outgoing recorded message could not be heard by the caller. All they could hear was 15 seconds of silence. For the life of me I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Settings, options, drivers, the list goes on… It turns out I wasn't doing anything wrong, it was those darned modems fault!


Both companies provide drivers for Vista and I was using the "correct" drivers. But only after scouring the internet did I find out that the drivers don't support ALL functions on Vista. On a side note, I have read it is possible a computer which was originally XP and then was upgraded to Vista, MIGHT support all modem functions.


In a nutshell, modems which use Conexant chipsets (the parts inside) probably WILL NOT work with Vista/Win7 and IVM. Modems which use Agere chipsets give you a much better chance at success.


And now for MY unsolved problem - if anyone can help… Pretty please?


According to http://www.nch.com.au/ivm/kb/444.html

"To support Caller ID your modem or telephony card must support Caller ID (our recommended Telephony Boards do). Additionally your telephone service provider must supply this information, normally at an additional cost. If both these are met then IVM will automatically support Caller ID with no configuration."


- When I use Device Manager and go into Modem Properties - Diagnostics - View Log, all incoming calls have their phone numbers and names displayed within the logs (excluding calls which people don't allow that info to be made available).

- When a call comes in, the IVM system tray notification pop-up does display their name, but not phone number (ever).

- When I go into File - View or Print Call Logs within IVM, there are no caller names or phone numbers in the logs at all.


Class. Class. Bueller. Bueller… Anyone?


**UPDATE** (November 27, 2012)


I found the cause of my problem and a solution!


The Cause:

Bell Canada formats caller ID information differently than the majority of telephone companies. Because of this, IVM does not interpret the information passed along from the modem correctly – hence caller ID was not behaving as desired.


The Solution:

A software package called PhoneTray provides a feature called “Fix CID”. Its purpose is to attempt to solve some possible caller ID issues. It DID solve my Bell Canada caller ID issue.

For more information about the solution which was successful for me, I recommend going to their website and reading their F.A.Q.

(Hopefully, I am not violating any forum rules by mentioning other software companies - I could find nothing to this effect.)


Best of luck to all in solving your issues!

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I tried 2 of them but the system we have set up requires the caller to type in numbers. It managed 19 out of 20 most of the time but we need 20 out of 20. I thought it was the unit so ordered another but it is exactly the same.

On XP I used a Dialogic D/41JCT-LS Euro which worked perfectly. We're now on W7 and if I use 5.1.1 drivers Windows doesn't recognize the board no matter what. If I use 6 Windows recognizes the board straight away but IVM doesn't. Still puzzling it out.

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